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"Going The Extra Mile"

Alpha & Omega Trinity Concierge is Here To Serve You!

Elderly Check In Services/Companionship


Don't trust the caretaker with your loved one? Allow Alpha & Omega Trinity Concierge to do random drop ins on any day at any time but the expected. We care about your love ones and value them as well. It is our honor to support and help you protect the Matriarchs of your family.

Organize And Declutter your space


Renew your energy with a clean and organized space. We organize and prioritize for you. Declutter your inner space by first doing your surrounding place.

New Baby, New Mom's Assisting In Creating A peaceful Environment For Both


Tidy up and clean baby clothes, bottles and organize the new baby's space. Give mom some peace and quiet time while adjusting to her new baby schedule because it can be overwhelming.

Wasted Time You Can't Get Back

Time is of the essence why waste it in traffic when you can call Alpha & Omega Trinity Concierge?

Too Much of our time is wasted daily and not much gets done. Hustling for no purpose at all is just a traffic jam waiting to happen

Ask Me


How much are our services?

It varies by errand.

Are there membership options?

Yes Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Are there any difference in per service and membership rates?

Yes membership can add discounted services and come with options of a free service but services without memberships are priced but has no free services included.

Do your services require a down payment?

Yes mandatory 1st service plus any products requested that needs purchased at time of service. (Such as groceries, gifts...ect.)

Personal assistants available

  • Notary Services, Administrative, Clerical, Limited Babysitter, Small Business Assistance and more.....

Youth Financial Future

Educating our youth financially is imperative because they are our future leaders!